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Louise Meriwether, Audre Lorde, Eve Sandler Willard Taylor (holding cigarette) waiting in Madrid airport for changeover flight to Lagos

Joe Delaney

Ed Spriggs and Angela Driver.

Frank Smith, Marilyn Nance, and Ed Sherman

Ajuba Douglas

Carole Byard & Tyrone Mitchell

Nadi Qamar (formerly Spaulding Givens)

Milford Graves, William Parker, Nadi Qamar

Gilberto Gil

Marilyn Nance at Yaba College of Technology.

Fela Kuti & Haki Madhubuti

Sun Ra Arkestra

Listening in on a Sun Ra rehearsal

Reggie Jackson, Nelson Stevens, Napoleon Henderson, Ademola Olugebefola and Nadi Qamar.

Wajumbe Cultural Ensemble

Sun Ra Arkestra

Winnie Owens Hart learning hand built indigenous pottery methods from Iya Alamo in Ipetumodu, Oyo, Nigeria

Graphic and Industrial Designer, Ajuba Douglas views slides in the Festac Village apartment shared by Charles Abramson and Tyrone Mitchell.

Stevie Wonder

Charlotte Ka, Charles Searles, Valerie Maynard

Sun Ra at the closing ceremony (Photograph by Tumani Onabiyi)

Samella Lewis and Louis Farrakhan

FESTAC '77: 2nd World Black and African Festival of Arts and Culture
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