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Michelangelo Antonioni on the set of Zabriskie Point, photographed by Bruce Davidson, 1968

Pier Paolo Pasolini on the set of Accattone, 1961

Toshio Matsumoto and crew on the "Bara No Soretsu" set, 1969

Sam Peckinpah on "The Wild Bunch" set, 1969

Ernst Lubitsch on "The Shop Around the Corner" set with Margaret Sullavan and James Stewart, 1940

John Waters on the set of "Multiple Maniacs" with Divine, 1970

Mel Brooks on the "Young Frankenstein" set with Marty Feldman, 1974

Werner Herzog on "Heart of Glass" set, 1976

Ridley Scott on the "Bladerunner" set with Harrison Ford, 1982

Steven Spielberg on the "Jaws" (1975) set

Stanley Kubrick on the "Dr Strangelove" set with George C Scott, 1964

Quentin Tarantino on the "Reservoir Dogs" set with Harvey Keitel, 1992

Federico Fellini on the "La Dolce Vita" set, 1960

François Truffaut on the "Two English Girls" set, 1971

Akira Kurosawa on the set of "Yojimbo", 1961

Luis Bunuel on the set of "The Milky Way", 1969

John Schlesinger on the set of "Midnight Cowboy" with Dustin Hoffman, Jon Voight & crew, 1969

Francois Truffaut on the set of "The Bride Wore Black", 1968

Dario Argento on the set of "Cat o' Nine Tails" with Catherine Spaak, 1971

Jean-Luc Godard on the "Breathless" set with Jean Seberg & Jean-Paul Belmondo, 1960

Agnes Varda on the "Cleo from 5 to 7"(1962) set

John Cassavetes on "A Child Is Waiting" set with Judy Garland & Burt Lancaster, 1963

Agnes Varda on the "Vagabond" set, 1985

Werner Herzog on "Stroszek" shoot (1977)

Roger Vadim on the set of "La curée" with Brigitte Bardot, 1966

John Landis on "The Blues Brothers" set with Dan Ackroyd, 1980

Spike Lee on the "Do The Right Thing" set, 1989

Werner Herzog on "Stroszek" shoot (1977)

George Roy Hill on the set of "The Sting" with Paul Newman & Robert Redford

Billy Wilder (background) on the "Some Like It Hot" set, 1959

Eric Rohmer on "A Summer's Tale" set, 1996

William Freidken on "The Exorcist" set, 1973

Federico Fellini on the "Amarcord" set with Magali Noël, 1973

Akira Kurosawa on the set of "Dodesukaden", 1970

Howard Hawks on the set of "Rio Bravo" with John Wayne & Angie Dickenson, 1959

Steven Spielberg on the "Jaws" set, 1975

Billy Wilder on the set of "Some Like It Hot" with Jack Lemmon & Marilyn Monroe, 1959

Roger Vadim on the set of "Barbarella" with Jane Fonda, 1968

Martin Scorsese on the "Mean Streets" set, 1973

Claude Chabrol on set of "Le Beau Serge" with Gérard Blain & Jean-Claude Brialy, 1958

Wim Wenders on the "Reverse Angle" set, 1982

Werner Herzog on the "Fitzcarraldo" set with Klaus Kinski, 1982

Jean Pierre Melville on the set of "The Red Circle" with Alain Delon, 1970

David Lynch on "Twin Peaks" set with Richard Beymar

Alan J Pakula on the set of "Klute" with Donald Sutherland and Jane Fonda, 1970

Michael Powell & Emrich Pressburger on the "Black Narcissus" set, 1947

Billy Wilder on the set of "Sunset Boulevard" with William Holden and Gloria Swanson, 1950

Luis Bunuel on the "Belle De Jour" set with Catherine Deneuve, 1967

Alfred Hitchcock on the "Psycho" set with Janet Leigh, 1960

Stanley Kubrick on "The Shining" set with Jack Nicholson, 1980

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