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10 Seconds: Ursula Rucker

My response to "Were you ever into drum 'n' bass?" will always be something like "In bits. 4hero - Loveless. That's drum 'n' bass, no?" Blame Ursula Rucker.

If in the last few days, you've heard a muffled "flashlight!", "everybody's got a little light.... under the sun" or "pararadirarararararara" emanating from the general direction of my face mask, then blame Ursula for all that too.

1. Parliament - Flashlight (0'00" - 0'10")



- Funkentelechy Vs. The Placebo Syndrome (1977)

"Simple. First ten seconds. You know you bout to get it...then that final YAH@...OVER. Get swept up into that Funkadelic fever! ⚡️ "

2. This Mortal Coil - The Jeweller (1'34" - 1'44")


This Mortal Coil

‎– Filigree & Shadow (1986)

"Love the haunting hum into the short instrumental bit into the next verse.

It’s just this song so much."

3. Prince & TNPG - Money Don’t Matter Tonight (3'00" - 3'10")


Prince & TNPG

‎– Diamonds And Pearls (1991)

"Machine gun sound from drum. Woooooooo!!!!!!! Plus the whole song’s meaning is timely’S PRINCE 🏽‍♀️"

4. Atlantic Starr - Circles (2'28" - 2'38")


Atlantic Starr ‎– Circles 12" (1982)

“It’s a feeling with the way she sings Circles and holds the’s a”fuck this!”..I’m out!”

5. Teena Marie - Square Biz (4'36" - 4'46")


Teena Marie ‎– It Must Be Magic (1981)

"Always a fave. Queen Teen. ALWAYS. So many favourite bits in the song. Revs me up each & EVERY TIME! But this part right here gives me that extra special Teena just does."

6. 4hero - Give In (2'01" - 2'11")


4hero ‎– Play With The Changes (2006)

“But everyday that you a day that goes by...and you’re slipping away from meeeeeeeeeyeaaaah”


Plus I’ve used it to teach myself more singing techniques as singing (or attempting to sing) this line." 🏽

7. Marvin Gaye - Inner City Blues (2'48" - 2'58")


Marvin Gaye

- What's Going On (1971)

"...."Throw up both my hands" I wait for this part every time. It makes my head tingle....and it makes me wanna holler...throw up both my hands...and i usually do...keeps the fire burning"

8. Ursula Rucker ‎– Feel Me (1'38" - 1'48")


Ursula Rucker ‎– She Said (2010)

"I just love it. Love the way i stretch “me” out and the way the whole phrase “feels” really. It’s just truly me...that’s all."

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