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10 Seconds: Barak Schmool

Founder of F-IRE Collective (Dave Okumu, Seb Rochford, Basquiat Strings etc), multi-instrumentalist Barak Schmool has been opening community music pathways in London for 25 years now. His Keith Jarrett - I Do Not Speak Italian aura sound video is up there alongside Quincy with Lyrics as my favourite things on the internet.

1. Aka girls (names unknown) - Mo Boma (0'00" - 0'10")


"Steve Coleman put me on to pygmy music - this was the first piece I learnt. In the days before the internet, I tracked down every commercially available recording from the rainforests of Central Africa. Time well spent."

2. Doudou N'Diaye Rose - Rose Rhythm (2'25" - 2'35")


Original recording on Djabote (1992)

"Favourite phrase of his recording 'djabote' (family). Sabar is the shiz."

3. Hariprasad Chaurasia - Rag Lalit (0'16" - 0'26")


Hariprasad Chaurasia,

Anindo Chatterjee

‎– Rāg Lalit (1989)

“First note of Harisprasad Chaurasia's bansuri (bamboo flute) is actually longer than 10 seconds, but this note was all I needed to hear before buying the CD."

4. Camarón de la Isla sings Bulerias on New Year's Day (1'27" - 1'37")


Carmen Abenza presents El Abanico on Canal Sur Televisión (1991)

"Camarón de la Isla's emotional commitment to the end of the phrase."

5. Gustav Mahler Symphony No.5 in C-Sharp Minor, Movement 4 (2'50" - 3'00")

Written by Gustav Mahler between 1901 and 1902.

"Mahler's best loved symphonic movement. In is the moment

he ramps up the harmonic speed to grab you by the [*****] and pull."

6. Maurice Ravel - Une barque sur l'océan 3rd piece of Miroirs (2'15" - 2'25")

Written by Maurice Ravel

between 1904 and 1905.

"Ravel captures the sea."

7. João Gilberto - Chega de Saudade (1'35" - 1'45")


João Gilberto ‎

– Chega De Saudade (1959)

"João Gilberto, the moment he smiles during the recording, on the words 'abraços e beijinhos'"

8. Zeca Pagodinho - Em Um Outdoor (1'35" - 1'45")


live recording 2012

"Zeca Pagodinho sets up, then doubles down on phrasing ahead of the harmony."

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