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Naima Adams: Eight Great Vocal Arrangements

Naima already contributed a tidy vocal to an early 10 Seconds episode.

She's come through with 8 more...

1. Esperanza Spalding - Judas (2016)

"I love the vocal melody and the way she rhythmically uses her words to create little moments in the song that are super memorable. Also, what excellent layering and musicianship displayed in the bridge - I love her!"

2. Towkio feat. Chance The Rapper, Lido & Eryn Allen Kane - Heaven Only Knows (2015)

"This isn't so much a traditional vocal arrangement, but an improvised one that just elevates the dynamic and power of the song. Everyone's vocals contribute something either melodic, rhythmic or both and it just levels it up - it's definitely one of my hype songs."

3. Nai Palm - Homebody (2018)

“This is such a beautifully delivered song - Nai’s vocals are super honest and the vocal arrangement truly make the song, giving it so much colour and depth."

4. Sampa The Great feat. Blue Lab Beats, Boadi, Lori - Made Us Better (2019)

"The vocal arrangement on this song is so lush - the way Lori’s vocals mix in with JJ’s and Boadi, it’s great. I love the way the vocals are layered and how nicely they are mixed - the ad-libs are interspersed beautifully throughout (a little biased because I've sung this song myself and it's so warming to hear all the harmonies melding together!)."

5. Rosalia - Que No Salga La Luna (2018)

"Love this woman so much and the typical flamenco vocal inflexions she uses throughout. They are so reminiscent of Spain and flamenco and create a whole new world around you as you listen."

6. Lauryn Hill feat. D'Angelo - Nothing Even Matters (1998)

"I mean D'Angelo is the king of vocal arrangements - the way he uses his voice as an instrument is so skilful and this track is just a further example of this but the added bonus of Lauryn Hill's warm tones and vocal artistry."

7. Daniel Caesar - Freudian (2017)

"I think the bridge of the first part is so strong. The lyrics delivered chorally give the words a bit of an anthemic quality and the melody used for it is beautiful. Even though it's not a crazy range of harmonies, to me it's so powerful and lends itself to the mood of the track."

8. Ledisi - Children Go Where I Send Thee (2008)

"Ledisi is, hands down, one of my favourite vocalists. She's such an amazing vocalist and since we're coming up to Christmas, I have to include one of my favourite tracks from her Christmas album. This song is so funky and rooted in the gospel tradition - I had to include it!"

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