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10 Seconds: Jake Long

Lovers, Faces and Guitar Thangs brought to you by Maisha Drummer-Producer, Jake Long...

1. John Coltrane - Liberia (1'05" - 1'15")

From John Coltrane - Coltrane's Sound (rec 1960, released 1964 )

"I literally have no idea what's happening in this break, but I can only really describe it as one of the most face-melting pickups to a solo I’ve ever heard"

2. Linda Perhacs - Parallelograms (1'45" - 1'55")

From Linda Perhacs - Parallelograms (1970)

"I stumbled across this tune years ago on one of those deep dives into a YouTube hole. Its gotta be one of the most unexpected changes in a tune, but I absolutely love where it goes; you suddenly find yourself in a twisted psychedelic soundscape, and then as if emerging from a trip, back comes the song, leaving you wondering if that just really happened."

3. Alain Goraguer - Ten Et Tiwa (0'20" - 0'30")

From Alain Goraguer - La Planete Sauvage (1973)

“The soundtrack from this film must be one of the most sampled albums of all time. You’ll find it tucked away in Madlib, J Dilla, Flylo and all sorts of other tracks, but the original soundtrack is truly revolutionary, and this version of the motif is just so beautiful."

4. Billy Harper - Croquet Ballet (0'26" - 0'36")

From Billy Harper - Black Saint (1975)

"Billy Harper's pick-up to the melody in this tune is just so powerful, it really feels as if he’s soaring over the music"

5. Eddie Hazel - Frantic Moment (1'05" - 1'15")

From Eddie Hazel - Game, Dame & Guitar Thangs (1977)

"This was the debut solo record from lead-guitarist of Parliament-Funkadelic, and was released in 1977. I've been listening to this record non-stop over the last few years and every time the vocals come in at 1.05 it brings me so much joy."

6. George Duke - Faces In Reflection no.1 (2'40" - 2'50")

From George Duke - Faces In Reflection (1974)

"George Duke's compositions have defined so much music today. This tune features twice on his album ‘Faces in Reflection’ - one instrumental version and one vocal version - 'cause its just that good. The moment I’ve picked is at the peak of a synth build, with so many synths layers up it completely fills the mix."

7. Scientist - Bad Days Dub (0'20" - 0'30")

From Scientist - Scientific Dub (1981)

"This Scientist dub, of the Johnny Clarke tune ‘Bad Days are Going’, is just perfect. Such groove, such feel. For me the most stand out bit is Carlton "Santa" Davis' drum fill to bring in the groove, the feel is unbeatable, and the tone of the drums is everything you could ever want from a reggae drum sound"

8. Tirzah - Make It Up (3'08" - 3'18")

From Tirzah - Make It Up (2015)

"I Love Tirzah’s vocals on this tune, so chilled and so cool, but the moment I’ve picked is when the bass drops down an octave and it just feels so great"

9. Trio Ternura - A Gira (1'25" - 1'35")

From Trio Ternura - A Gira/ Last Tango In Paris (1973) "7

"‘Its hard to pick a moment in this tune as every 10 seconds bring about another perfect section. This tune has everything you could ever want all squeezed into 3 minutes."

10. Les McCann - The Lovers (23'37" - 23'47")

From Les McCann - Invitation To Openness (1971)

"This record came to be completely by chance. I was in a shop in San Francisco picking out some records and another customer in the shop walked over and handed me the record and said “I’ve been looking at what you’ve been picking out, if you haven’t heard this record just buy it.”, so I brought it. When I got home, stuck it on and I’ve gotta say I’ve listened to this record thousands of times and it has brought me so much inspiration over the years. The moment I've picked is when the tune finally breaks back in at the end after almost 10 mins of suspense-building group improvisation and interplay, it almost completely dies away but comes back in full force for one final head"


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