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10 Seconds: Mark Lockheart

1. Miles Davis - In a Silent Way (13'05" - 13'15")

 From Miles Davis - In a Silent Way (1969)


"First up is in my opinion one of the all time great moments in jazz when Tony Williams opens up the music in such a profound way by going onto full cymbals/kit just at the right moment in Miles' solo. This is a masterclass in pacing and listening to the overall architecture of the music!" 

2. Wayne Shorter - Miracle of the Fishes (3'28" - 3'38")

 From Wayne Shorter - Native Dancer (1975)

"I've always found this record very powerful and love the tunes and playing on it. This track is particularly fascinating as in Wayne’s tenor solo he comes to a point where he’s at the top of the range of the instrument, so swaps to soprano sax to continue the feeling of going up and up! Probably an overdub unless he was super quick :-) but a great moment to me." 

3. Igor Stravinsky - Ritual of Abduction (0'58" - 1'08")

From Igor Stravinsky - Rite of Spring


"So many goosebump moments but this is one of them for me. There’s so many points in Stravinsky’s music where there’s so much going contrapuntally etc but his masterful sense of orchestration means it always has great clarity."


4. Django Bates - Horses in Rain (1'25" - 1'35")

 From Django Bates - Good Evening, Here is the News (1996)

So many things Django has done have profoundly affected me and this is maybe one of his most reflective and poised pieces. 1.25 is the first time his piano emerges from the texture , totally stunning!"

5. Gil Evans - Cry of Hunger (1'14" - 1'24")

From Gil Evans - Svengali (1973)


"The incredible Billy Harper on tenor sax emerging from the chaotic fabric and delivering the melody with such intense expression - amazing! I heard this when I was about 16 no one plays like Billy Harper!"


 6.  Aretha Franklin - Until You Come Back To Me (2'00" - 2'10")

 From Aretha Franklin - Until You Come Back To Be/ If You Don't Think (7inch) (1973)

"Love this incredibly positive but melancholy vibe. The whole sound of the track is beautiful and the incredible bass playing and Bernard Purdie’s groove propel the track along. Great moment at 2 minutes where the drums imitate (off the cuff ) in a humorous way the lyrics."


7. Herbie Hancock - I Have A Dream (6'43" - 6'53")

 From Herbie Hancock - The Prisoner (1969)

 "Some of my favourite musical moments are like dramatic events, something that is such a strong statement that you remember it more than anything else. I’ve always been interested in trying to create characterful events in my own playing and writing to keep things interesting Here’s a great example of what I’m talking about - Joe Henderson taking everything in a different direction!"

8.  Radiohead - How To Disappear Completely (0'00" - 0'10")

From Radiohead - Kid A (2000)

"Love the vagueness of the tonality at the start due to the high string dissonance which carries on for the first minute and half of this."


9. Duke Ellington - Take the "A" Train (1'35" - 1'45")

 From Duke Ellington - The Popular Duke Ellington (1967)


"This starts with an amazing piano intro in 3 which goes into 4 - fantastic piano playing played with such intention and articulation. The band when it comes in makes me feel happy, content and motivated all at the same time!"


10. Keith Jarrett & Jan Garbarek - Sunshine Song (9'18" - 9'28")

 From Keith Jarrett - Nude Ants (1979)


" This live recording from the Village Vanguard is inspiring for lots of reasons, not least the ability of a band to 'sit on something’ and develop gradually something, sophisticated musical pacing I suppose! Over the course of 12 minutes, this band achieves a remarkable performance which has deeply inspired me to listen, not play too much and trust implicitly the musicians I'm playing with."


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