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10 Seconds: Zola Marcelle

1. Lord Finesse - Hip 2 Da Game (0'32" - 0'42")

From Lord Finesse - Awakening (1995)

""You better see Mary Blige and get the 411..." I meaaaaan....creative licence + wordplay + cross-referencing; just some of the things I deeply love about Hip Hop."

2. Brotherly - Rain Down (3'05" - 3'15")

From Brotherly - One Sweet Life (2007)

"First had this record when I was studying in university, and those drums, that bass tone and super tight playing BLESSED my whole soul!! I love the playfulness of the melody and the fact that the vocal arrangement isn't laced with too much, yet it maintains its own complexity in harmony and timing. In this clip, it's the ultimate satisfaction of the crossover with those synths as well."

3. Derrick Hodge - 19 (5'11" - 5'21")

From Derrick Hodge - Color of Noize (2020)

“I'm noticing a trend as I type this. I absolutely love the drummers on this track. Beautifully colourful, chaotic and masterful. In this short segment, it's the off-beat rhythm that is so dope. Plus the snare and kick tuning is right up my street!"

4. Radiohead - 15 Step (0'18" - 0'28")

From Radiohead - In Rainbows (2007)

"By now I'm sure you know where this is going. One of the most incredibly written songs for me; compositionally and lyrically. The meaning, melancholy and yet head-bobbing feeling is quite something. But when those polyrhythmic drums come in?! My, my, my. Subtlety of meaning is woven into those drums and then the whole thing simultaneously settles and continues to take form."

5. Trompies - Yebo, Yes (0'01" - 0'11")

From Trompies - Mapantsula (2008)

"It's quite simply the mix of township and hippy that I find both hilarious and endearing; reminding me of home and the familiarity I have when I'm there. The dialogue goes: "howzit, my friend?" and his friend replies "love and peace, my guy". Also 'yebo, yes' is a standard term in Ndebele/Zulu culture. Translated it is 'yes, yes'. Kwaito forever!"

6. Victor Ntoni - Thetha (Wathula Nje?) (2'45" - 2'55")

From Victor Ntoni - Heritage (2004)

"'s the earthy, grounded sound of a Bantu man that resonates through the speakers into my dang soul! Peep the sound/fry he makes towards the end of my 10 seconds. Argh! There's a soothing yet active nature to what I hear here. I really wish I could've seen him live. Fun fact: he was also a double bass player! Heaven in 1 body for me!"

7. Andrae Crouch - This is the Lord's Doing (3'03" - 3'13")

From Andrae Crouch - Mercy (1994)

"Another huge, huge name that we loved in my house was the complete legend that is Andrae Crouch. What an amazing talent. Simply, this groove is home to me."

8. Tigran Hamasyan - Pt2 Alternative Universe (0'30" - 0'40")

From Tigran Hamasyan - Shadow Theater (2013)

" I don't know what else to tell you. The first time I heard this I was SCREAMING!!!! This is genius. This whole album is insane, yet delicately pieced together by love and authenticity. Shout out to Aron for showing me Tigran like 10 years ago."

9. Bebe & Cece - Love Said Not So (3'24" - 3'34")

From Bebe & Cece Winans (1987)

"Growing up listening to The Winans and BeBe & CeCe, this moment where the brothers join the twins is one I've always loved. It was always a reflection of the beautiful family I had (and still have - with all gratitude to the Father) and the unity in song that we are all blessed with. My dad is a drummer, my sister an OG singer & vocal arranger, and my bro used to play drums and bass a little too. My extended are laced with musical talent. I am blessed."


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