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10 Seconds: Max Hallett aka Betamax

aka Betamax on selector duty this time. Toothsome.

1. Raymond Scott - The Bass-Line Generator (2'10"- 2'20")


Raymond Scott

‎– Manhattan Research Inc. (Recorded between 1953-1969,

released 2000)

"I have no idea how this man made this in the 50s. But it feels like nobody ever made music like this again. Also he was making music as research, rather than making an album all the time. So there is something almost personal, like reading someones notes."

2. The Electric Prunes - Holy Are You (0'41" - 0'51")


The Electric Prunes

- Release Of An Oath (1968)

"Drums recorded by David Axelrod for me is a drum sound landmark.

I love how he completely took over The Electric Prunes and made it his own vision."

3. Fulborn Teversham - Amazing (0'25" - 0'35")


Fulborn Teversham

‎– Count Herbert II (2007)

“This moment gives me such joy. A very emotional performance from

Alice Grant. This was such an inspiring record for me when I was about 19 years old."

4. Deantoni Parks - Cedoxal (0'08" - 0'18")


Deantoni Parks ‎– Silver Cord (2020)

"Such an amazing drummer- but in this instance he bends the feel of the pulse in such a cool way. it’s so raw and human but he also feels like a machine."

5. El Polen + Susana Baca - Ahijada de la Luna (0'10"- 0'20")


El Polen

‎– Fuera De La Ciudad

+ bonus tracks (Recorded 1973, released 2012)

"I think they were an actual hippy community in Lima, Peru in the 60s.

Very early recording of Susana Baca who went on to have a huge career in Peru and recently became the Minister of Culture. This was one of those recordings that was lost and then rediscovered decades later on a random tape."

6. Soft Machine - As Long As He Lies Perfectly Still (0'55" - 1'05")


Soft Machine

- Volume Two (1969)

"Robert Wyatt melodic instincts occasionally strike gold like this.

So inspiring. I’m always overwhelmed by Robert Wyatt’s volume of work.

But this period of Soft Machine is my favourite."

7. Funkadelic - I Got A Thing, You Got A Thing, Everybody's Got A Thing

(0'22"- 0'32")



- Funkadelic (1970)

"These hi-hats sliding into the hand claps are so cool. Dripping with attitude. And i think that’s a guitar that sounds like a trumpet somehow."

8. Matrix Metals - Flamingo Breeze (3'45"- 3'55")


Matrix Metals

- Flamingo Breeze (2009)

"I love the way this music just flips into the next track when you're not expecting, like in this moment. I also love how the sound is so grainy.

I’m not sure how they did that. I imagine its recorded on a little cassette machine, but who knows. There are some really beautiful moments to discover on this record."

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