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Shawn Lee: The Great Full Eight

London-based, Wichita Fly-man, Multi-Instrumentalist/Producer Shawn Lee has been bawss enough to drop some 1970's genre-dismantling curiosities on our locked-down asses. Some you'll know, others you might well not. It's all juice. Devour.

1. Dave Hamilton Voices - Because I Love You ( c1974, unreleased until 2006)

"David Hamilton is on some different bugged out shit on this cut. Auto Harp, Melodica, quirky vocals and an otherworldly, out of tune atmosphere usually only heard on weird records from the far ends

of the earth."

2. Jan Hammer Group - Don’t You Know (1977)

"Don’t You Know is an epic genre-busting song. Cosmic Jazz Fusion Pop anyone? Vocals are by session guitarist/bassist Fernando Saunders and features Jan on the drums. Deep cut jam."

3. Sopwith Camel - Fazon (1973)

“Faizon is another one that belongs to no one certain musical idiom. Jazzy, psychy, funky, folky and a catchy tune to boot. Doesn’t really sound like any other song."

4. Shuggie Otis - Strawberry Letter 23 (1971)

"Stone cold jam. The chugging drum machine, innocent psychedelic lyrics and proggy guitar section make this one heck of a monster. Of course The Brothers Johnson's cover version is also sublime."

5. 10CC - I’m Not In Love (1975)

"This a masterpiece of a record. Incredible sonic and musical wizardry of the highest order. One of my personal all-time fave’s. Absolutely inspiring."

6. Edwin Birdsong - Cola Bottle Baby (1979)

"Edwin Birdsong is a cult genius. Most people only know him from Daft Punk sampling this one or his incredible drum break on Rapper Dapper Snapper. He was on some other shit and his records are very fun and intriguing to listen to."

7. Cat Stevens - Dog Was a Doughnut (1977)

"This record has always mystified me. Recorded in 1977 but sounding very early 80’s. This Cat Stevens futurist electro-funk ditty is real beauty."

8. Paul McCartney & Wings - Arrow Through Me (1979)

"Most people don’t know this Macca gem. A touch of Stevie with some very Isley’s Footsteps in the Dark business on the drums. The brooding sample and hold synth sets the mood and McCartney’s voice glides effortlessly over a bouncy soulful backdrop complete with super cool across the bar horns and cheeky drum fills. This track kills me every time."

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