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10 Seconds: Emre Ramazanoglu

Ill Considered drummer-producer-engineer Emre Ramazanoglu has worked with Ghostpoet, Spiritualized, Lily Allen & Noel Gallagher, and absolutely none of that information gets you any closer to guessing his 8 picks.

1. Major Lazer - Get Free (feat. Amber of Dirty Projectors) (2'35" - 2'45")


Major Lazer ‎– Free The Universe (2013)

"This is the moment I always wait for in this track. A brief and hugely characterful moment of rest before the song peaks again with Amber’s dark and powerful vocals. This is one of my favourite tunes of modern(ish) times. The music is inseparable from the video for me. Every moment of this tune is evocative and atmospheric."

2. Moondog - Viking 1 (1'58" - 2'08")


Moondog ‎– The Viking Of Sixth Avenue

"Maybe the ultimate lullaby.

At this part the counterpoint is fully established and the swinging 5 is so comfortable I’m lost in it. I’m a huge Moondog fan and this is a standout track for me. I love the metallic instrumentation, but that it’s so soft and warm. Utterly brilliant in its simplicity and understated arrangement. Louis Hardin made all his drums and I initially thought they were a drum machine when I first heard Moondog played loud over a venue PA when our front of house engineer used it to check the system. Unique and beautiful music."

3. Phronesis - Abraham's New Gift (0'18" - 0'28")


Phronesis ‎- Alive (recorded live at the Forge Arts Venue in London, 2010)

“I love the way Jasper Høiby throws this line from his fingers and the slick but gnarly way the drums are introduced. I’ve referenced this version as it’s harder and a bit edgier than the album version. The gear-changes in this tune are really marked and it’s a killing composition."

4. Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Barrrister & His Supreme Fuji Vibrations - Oluye medley (2'50" - 3'00")


Alhaji Chief Sikiru Ayinde Barrrister & His Supreme Fuji Vibrations - Destiny (1985)

"I can’t get enough of this Fuji sound and I love the crazy crisp and clear recording that really helps fuse the drums together in this pulsing vibe. The drums are as one and the energy so positive and unrelenting."

5. Abdullah Ibrahim - Ishmael (0'00" - 0'10")


Abdullah Ibrahim

‎– A Celebration (2004)

"A hugely influential track for me. Cinematic and fiery. It’s an invitation to join a journey and I’m unable to resist each and every time. The sonics of this record are really important to me (as I guess they are in all my choices). Dark and beautiful, but with such great definition and power. Deep love."

6. Max Roach's M'Boom (6'10" - 6'20")


M'Boom -Re Percussion (1973)

"This album is unreal. In parts beautiful and often challenging in its intensity. This 10 sec clip is the a great summation of the vibe of this record and gives an indication of the incredible sonics and awesome performances."

7. Moondog - My Tiny Butterfly (0'29" - 0'39")


Moondog 2 (1971)

"I am captured every time by the innocence and weird darkness of this track. It’s so simple, but the vocal round’s sweetness and purity is unnerving. There’s a pan-like mischievousness to the drums. I always wish it was longer."

8. Tony Williams with Stan Getz Quartet - Captain Marvel (0'20" - 0'30")


Stan Getz Quartet With Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke And Tony Williams – Complete Live At Montreux (1972)

"Witness the incredible exploding Tony Williams” and this is one of my favourite clips for hearing the understanding he had of interaction that made him so incredible to play with and his wild and super- musical energy that is barely contained here."

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