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10 Seconds: Huw Marc Bennett

Producer & bassist Huw Marc Bennett (check out his latest release here) in the building, and these picks are fresh. I have a too-good-to-be-true story about those Naija twins at number 3 but we'll save that for another thing.

1. Alabaster dePlume - Visit Croatia (1'06" - 1'16")


Alabaster dePlume

- Copernicus - The Good Book of No (2012)

"It doesn't surprise me a man of such sensitivity and depth created this music."

2. Sidan - Ar Goll (2'10" - 2'20")


Sidan - Teulu Yncl Sam (1975)

" I get that the term 'groove' and the Welsh don't exactly go hand in hand. But on one cold, wet night in 1970's Gwynedd, this was made. And I like it."

3. Lijadu Sisters - Orere - Elejigbo (1'45" - 1'55")


Lijadu Sisters

- Horizon Unlimited (1979)

“Such a sweet, understated groove. The sisters from Nigeria, pushing this one along with their impeccable flow."

4. Rotary Connection - I Am the Black Gold of the Sun (1'42" - 1'52")


Rotary Connection

- Hey, Love (1971)

"I could have chosen so much Minnie, but this is pure hedonism. The woman reached levels."

5. Ben Hayes (feat. Nubya Garcia) - Ready Yet (1'23" - 1'33")


Ben Hayes - See Sun (2019) EP

"Ben Hayes. Such a creative producer and the most intelligent person I know. Best bassline of 2019 for me."

6. Tirzah - I'm Not Dancing (0'24" - 0'34")


Tirzah - I'm Not Dancing (2013) "12

"In love with Tirzah and Michachu's proper domestic, bedroom production style. So honest. Two exceptional artists doing their way."

7. Joe Armon-Jones (feat. Asheber) - Try Walk with Me (0'49" - 0'59")


Joe Armon-Jones

- Turn To Clear View (2019)

"Joe and team make near perfect music in my opinion. Warmth, groove, intensity, emotion.

8. Tim Maia – Nobody Can Live Forever (2'22" - 2'32")


Tim Maia – Tim Maia (1976)

"Again... any from Tim Maia would have done. But I love the sceptical positivity in this one. Nothings real, but it's cool."

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