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10 Seconds: Ferg Ireland

From Angenor de Oliveira to J Dilla, this list has spine like a Ferg bassline.

1. Pharoah Sanders - The Creator Has a Master Plan (28'40" -28'50")


Pharoah Sanders - Karma (1969)

"These 10 seconds are the last release after almost half an hour of building tension and bursting with energy. I really got deep into this record when I played it at the Jazz Cafe last year with Soweto Kinch, trying to recreate the energy was challenging, they bring so much vibe to it! A good one first thing in the morning (although I sometimes skip the yodelling)…"

2. Richard Wagner - "Tristan und Isolde", Prelude (0'35" - 0'45")

Written between 1857 and 1859

"I’m not a big Wagner fan really but I find this piece so hauntingly beautiful. The tension in the phrasing and in particular the suspensions in this chord give me chills every time. I actually became aware of it through watching the Lars von Trier film “Melancholia “ which Is about the end of the world, and being aware of its impending destruction from planetary collision. The way they use this music in the film really grabbed me."

3. Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers - Like Someone in Love (3'07" - 3'17")


Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers

- Like Someone in Love (1960)

“This is just really fucking swinging. It’s a Masterclass in holding a groove and just very gradually building up over several minutes, this is the money shot where Blakey brings in the shuffle beat and it just takes off from there. So good."

4. Billie Holiday- For Heavens Sake (2'55" - 3'05")


Billie Holiday - Lady in Satin (1958)

"This record was one of Billie’s last recordings before she died. You can hear the fragility in her voice and I love the juxtaposition of this against the Hollywood style orchestration. My favourite version of this tune, probably one of my favourite recordings of all time!"

5. Slum Village - Untitled (Fantastic) (3'25" - 3'35")


Slum Village - Fantastic. Vol 2 (2000)

"Slum Village Fantastic Vol 2 is one of favourite records of all time. I think the tune ‘Players’ is still my most played tune of my Itunes… by like 1000 times or something. I used to wear this record out in my early 20s. The Groove is so deep."

6. Domu - Something Borrowed (4'04" - 4'14")


Domu ‎– Discotech Two 12" (2008)

"I am big into ‘Dance’ music, when I was younger was more into Drum n Bass and then House, Techno and Broken Beat later on, so thought should include something from that world. Here’s a lesser known tune from Broken Beat producer Domu that always makes me want to dance."

7. Cartola - Amor Prohibido (0'57" - 1'07")


Cartola - Cartola (1975)

"One of the Dons of Samba Ruiz (Roots) music. I went through a phase of only listening to this stuff non stop earlier this year, after coming back from Brazil. There is so much Joy, emotion and grit in this music, as well as the incredible groove. The shape of this melody and the phrasing in particular just gets me every time."

8. Louis Armstrong – I Get Ideas (2'53" - 3'03")


Louis Armstrong ‎–

I Get Ideas / A Kiss To Build A Dream On 10" (1951)

"I had to get some Louis in there. I first learnt this tune playing with Giacomo Smith and Pete Horsfall just when I had started checking out the earlier periods of Jazz, around 8 years ago. It’s one of the tunes that’s always stuck with me, great melody, great harmony and great words. The ten seconds I chose is Louis blowing near the end of tune, a perfect example of his amazing command of rhythm and phrasing from the master!"

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