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Fini Bearman: 8 Movie Moments in Music

"Zooming in on those moments that go deep..."

1. John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble - A Blessing (from A Blessing, 2005)

"Texturally patient, hypnotic, repetitive and kind of stoic, making the ‘God’ chord at 2:00 really explode out of the tapestry of sound. It’s as if the clouds broke and down poured the sun."

2. DivaGeek - I Can't Go For That (from He Said, She Said, 2012)

" DivaGeek was the coming together of two mighty musical talents - Vula Malinga and Ben Jones. Sadly they only made one record, and this is a (imho superior) cover of the Hall & Oates classic. When the verse goes to the pre and Vula sings ‘and I…. I’ll do anything that you want me to..’ It’s like an arrow straight through my heart.. Partly Vula’s incredible vocals but also the slightly psychedelic interweaving of voices, synths and guitars that makes me feel all woozy."

3. Donny Hathaway ‘Someday We Will All Be Free’

(from These Songs For You: Live!, 1972)

“Keep on walking tall, keep your head up high’ 3:14. There. Is. No. One. Like. Donny. I could have picked so many moments in this song, because it really feels like he has his heart in his hands when he sings, there’s no holding back or reserve"

4. Rufus Wainwright - 14th Street (from Want One, 2003)

"The famous anti-chord at 2:43- and a lesson in doing what the god damn hell you like - if the chord doesn’t exist, just make it up. So theatrical and kind of Beatle’s-y too. This is unashamed, fantastical and triumphant - like it’s saying this is all of me and I have nothing to hide."

5. Natalie Williams - When The Wind Blows (from Kaleidoscope, 2015)

"Goosebumps. 0:32 - Natalie singing in head voice (on any song, tbh) at the pre-chorus "I know you said you loved Spring…" - also featuring Manu Delago on hang - which is a real vibe, here, combined with some lush string writing from Robin Mullarkey."

6. Esperanza Spalding - Rest In Pleasure (from Emily’s D+Evolution, 2016)

"Esperanza has created her own sound which is genre-less and totally idiosyncratic. This song (and era) is kind of Joni-esque and Jaco-esque, and it just feels like the most perfect musical embodiment of an expression of wanting and yearning, of being consumed and eaten up by the thought of someone else. Of LOVE (0:52). I can’t get over how clearly and resolutely Esperanza overhauls her music/sound with every new project/musical conceptualisation, and it always sounds like Esperanza."

7. Stevie Wonder - Taboo to Love (from Conversation Piece, 1995)

"When he finally arrives at the chorus after a double verse and pre, and then another verse (!!), this is such a glorious moment at 1:49 on the word ‘Love’. Harmonically it’s going Fm7 Dm7, but after a very Db-y bridge and verse in Ab/Fm, the Dm7 pops out like a moonbeam on a clouded night. It’s bright, yet dark, hopeful but still so poignant. You can learn everything you need to know about songwriting from Stevie. Fact."

8. Everything Everything - Radiant (from Arc, 2013)

"Something so euphoric about this classic build and drop at 1:20, even though I know it’s coming it’s so, so good and just lifts you onto your toes, arms in the air - this is making me really nostalgic for those club days, skin against skin, broken AC dripping over head, and LIVE MUSIC."


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